St. Patrick's Day Party at Yellow Taxi Daejeon


Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 20:00


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St. Patrick's Day Party at Yellow Taxi on saturday March 17!
We will play Irish Songs and decorate Yellow Taxi with green balloons.

Catch the FREE St. Patrick's Day shirts! 

We at Yellow Taxi will provide 80 FREE St. Patrick's Day shirts!

Please wear the GREEN color to get a FREE shot!

We will have a rock band named Like A Fox and a DJ for making a great NIGHT!
Like A Fox, they play IRISH songs.

Please dont miss this special event!

안녕하세요 둔산동 Yellow Taxi 입니다^^
3월17일 토요일에 락밴드 Like A Fox와 DJ와 함께하는 신나는 "성 페트릭스 데이"를 마련하였습니다.

입장하신 고객분 중에서 80분에게 무료로 "성 페트릭스 데이" 기념 티셔츠를 드리며 녹색 옷을 입고오신 분들에겐 꽁짜 Shot을 한잔씩 드릴 것 입니다!

▶Drink Special!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guinness Draft: 6,000
Green Beer, Baby Guinness, Jameson, Baileys, Agwa.......

▶ Dress Code: Green

▶ Start Time: 7pm~ 

입장료는 없습니다, 무료입장 무료관람 입니다

▶ When: Saturday Mar 17

▶ Location: Dunsan-dong, near Time World, next to the big parkinglot, the corner from Coffee Bean same building as Garten Bier. 4th floor

▶ 위치: 둔산동 타임월드 옥외주차장 옆 가르텐 비어 건물 4층 

▶ DJ: Sue
Hip-hop, Dance, House

▶ Like A Fox
Nolan Riley - Guitar/Vocals
Sae Mi Jung - Bass 
Roderick MacLeod - Drums

Come enjoy St. Paddy's day if you aren't too Superstitious^^

Come on out to Yellow Taxi! Should be a great night!

▶Yellow Taxi Specials (Yellow Taxi에 오시면 이용하실 수있는 것들 입니다)

a Swing Chair, Two Darts, a Football Table, a Pool Table, BIG Dancing Floor
a Secret Room, six Boothes and a Big Booth for the Group, Three TV monitors, a Three meters' BIG Projector Screen 

Doors open at 6pm

Alwaye a good time at Yellow Taxi