Spin the Bottle Musical Event @ Brickhouse Daejeon


Repeats every week until Sun Oct 16 2011.
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 21:00
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 21:00
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 - 21:00


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Experimental music event held every Wednesday at 9 pm at Brickhouse in Daehung Dong

매주 수요일, 9시 시작, 브릭하우스으로, 대흥동, 대전. 

Like the junior high kissing game, but with people playing music
instead of making out - though smooching will not be prohibited.
병돌리기게임을 통해서 키싱게임하는 룰에 맞춰 음악을 같이하는 행사입니다.누구나 무대에서 자신의 끼를 발휘하고 싶은분은 누구나 참여환영합니다,,노래...춤..판토마임..모두 환영!!!

Everyone will sit in a circle and spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle
lands on, that will be who you will jam with for the next 5 minutes
모두 동그라미로 모여 병을 돌려서 당첨되신분들끼리 즉석 공연을 하는거 .와 골때린다..근데 재밌겠죠??
Just pick up an instrument and go for it! It could be terrible or it
could be awesome.
그냥 걸리는대로 정해진 악기를 들고 즉석연주..그냥 드럼만 두드려도 흥만 있다면 오케이..

Brickhouse will provide some different kinds of instruments: guitars,
drums, PA, amps; but people are encouraged to bring their own instruments to add to the diversity.브릭하우스에서는 악기를 제공하지만 자신의 악기를 가지고 오셔도 됩니다,..

This show will be recorded and the best of the jams will be released
on either cassette tape or cd-r. Participants will receive a free copy.
공연은 녹화되고 공유할수있습니다.
This is an opportunity to find some people to jam on that folk-pop
song you have been working on, 평소 즐겨하시던 다른음악인들과 함께할수 있는 좋은 기회가 될것입니다.but it is also for the sake of improvisation and spontaneity. Everyone is urged to play an instrument with which they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar and see what new sounds they can create.평소 들어보지못한 생소하고 엉뚱한음악..즉 자작곡같은..이라 어색하더라도 새로운 창조의 느낌을 공유합시다..

This will be a reoccurring event, so don't be shy and come on dow
두려워하지말고 도전하세요.
to Brickhouse. Props to Yogiga for doing this last year 

There will be booze at this event. No cover. Open to everyone. One free beer for all performers!!! 공연하시는 모든분께는 시원한 공짜맥주..!!!