Seoul Fringe Festival


Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 12:00


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A Festival Suggesting Alternatives for Culture Art 

Seoul Fringe Festival is an independent arts festival created by voluntary participations and activities of various artists. In 1998, the festival initiated as an 'Independent Arts Festival' with the motto, "Experiment and Exploration of Korean Fringe" that purposed its foundation as a movement to rebel against commercial pop culture and  authoritative fine arts, continues on to become the medium that able active interchanges through new cultural arts. 
A Festival Cheering for Artists Through Democratic Participation
Seoul Fringe Festival able artists' liberal challenges by excluding judgements and opening up to participations. Through this, the festival thrives to develope a new wave by collaborating with artists of various fields which leads to abundant cultural arts.   
A Festival Discovering Next Generation Artists
Seoul Fringe Festival shows the present and the future of Art. Artists depart from the standardized pattern by experimenting with space and expanding art within daily lives and meet with the public through various methods. Thus, the Seoul Fringe Festival actively supports new generation artists.
A Festival Energizing Art and Life with the Value of Independent Arts
Seoul Fringe Festival thrives encounters between art and the artists, art and the public, art and the local society. With artists who manifest challenge and free-will and the public as well as the society that supports these artists' attempts, the festival aims to cultivate a healthy cultural arts as well as life. 
Event The 14th Seoul Fringe Festival
Period 17 days from August 11th (Thurs) ~ August 27th (Sat)
Place Creative Areas & Streets of Hongdae-ap, Seoul / 10 places within civic center
Two Main Programs (Open Participation)
-Indoor Performance Arts Festival
-Outdoor Street Arts Festival
Curated Programs : Festival Invigoration Program
-Opening Parade
-Run, Fringe, Run! : Outreach Performance
-Eco-Fringe Project (Collaborators - Beautiful Store / Azime)
-Donation Invigoration Project (Collaborator - Doumnet)
-Fringe on Air (Collaborator - Mapo FM)
Special Program : Independent Arts Invigoration Program
-Post Fringe : The 3rd Project Big Boy, The 3rd Open Call for Street Artists
-Talk of 'Independence' with Art 1 : Independent Forum, Let's Just Cut to the Chase!
-Talk of 'Independence' with Art 2 : Independent Documentary Film Workshop (Collaborator - Mediact)
-Sustainable Art Activities Campaign : A Book than a Book (Collaborator - 2sangbook)
-Interdisciplinary Arts Relay Forum (Collaborators - Physical Theatre Festival, Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival)
-Street Arts Forum (Collaborator - Korea Street Arts Center)
-Independent Arts Review : Daily Review / Street Arts Cheerleaders
(Collaborator - Independent Arts WEbzine Indienbob)
-Weekly Booze Party
-Creative Workshop
-Special Booklet (Collaborator - Magazine Street H)
Side Program
-Fringe Club / Newspaper Issue / On-line Channel
Scale Presently - Approx. 250 Artists (Groups), Apporx. 180 Volunteer Workers, Approx. 30 Staffs
         Estimated - Approx. 160,000 spectators
Host/Supervisor Seoul Fringe Network
Sponsor Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation Arts and CUlture, Mapo-gu, and more.
Please read the following before you purchase your tickets.
- Purchasing tickets on-line can be possible after memebership resgisteration to the Seoul Fringe Festival website.
- Please contact us at the Seoul Fringe Festival headquarters(02-325-8150) for group tickets for 40 people and over. 
- House opens 20minutes before the show, and delay entrance will not be permitted what so ever.
- Cancelling tickets purchased through the official website is possible only until 5pm previous day of the show, and refunds are not possible from that time over.
- Doulbe discount is not possible.
● Cancellation and Refunds
On-line Ticketing
- Cancelling tickets is possible only until 5pm, previous day of the show.
(Payment made by deposit without bankbook will be re-deposited to your account with the charage of commission)
- Cancellation process will take 5-7 days.
- Fringe Big 3 cannot be refunded.
On-the-Spot Ticketing
- Tickets purchased on-the-spot can only be cancelled at the place of purchase.
- On-the-day cancellation and refund will not be possible for all tickets.
● Bookings
- On-line : Seoul Fringe Festival Website
            Sarang Ticket Website
            (People with a Korean bank account under his/her name only.)
- Box Office : Festival Center (@ Seoul Arts Space)
               Information Center (Next to the Information Desk) (*Lunch Ticket)
- All venues of the Indoor Performance Arts Festival 
● Ticketing
- Advance Ticketing
20% discount for tickets purchased July 12~ August 4
- 'Free Pass' 
Tickets available from July 12th
Price : 100,000\ (limited to 20 passes)
Telephone booking at least a day before the first show, and collect at the situation room (2F, Seoul Arts Space)
- Special Discount
(1) Big 3
Price : 25,000won
3 pay-performances of the Indoor Performance Arts Festival  
Booking : Official website
(2) Group Discount
20% discount for a group of 10and over
Booking : On-the-spot / Official website
(3) Artists Discount
Requirements : Art professions and members of the Arts Association
Price : 5,000\ across the board
Booking : On-the-spot / Official website
* Documents of proof must be presented during purchase and collect of the ticket
(4) Lunch Ticket
Tickets purchased between 12pm~1pm during the festival.
Price : 5,000\ across the board
(Not applied to tickets already 5,000\)
Booking : On-the-spot (Information Center (Next to the Information Desk))

Inquiries : Seoul Fringe Festival Executive Office 02.325.8150