Seoul Bands (Swimmingdoll, Segyemollakgam, & Kumca) @ Daejeon Kut


Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 21:00


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서울에서 활동하는 세 밴드가 오지랖이 여간 넓지 않게도 대전에서 공연을 하게 됐습니다!
Three bands from Seoul come to Daejeon in a most intrusive of manners!

Starting line-up

스위밍돌 Swimmingdoll
세계몰락감 Segyemollakgam
꿈에 카메라를 가져올걸 Kumca
G.T. Arpe
DJ "Dale" from the UK

"Swimmingdoll" plays atmospheric, lush, ambient pieces that you might hear in a movie. Their songs have minimalist piano, strange guitar work and expansive moods.​ndswimmingdoll

"Kumca" is mellow, shoegazy dream pop band with the occasional kick. Fragile female vocals backed by powerful beats and acoustic/electric guitar.​mca

"Seogyemollakam" plays gloomy, metallic slow-core that is more mellow than metal but still fairly intense. This band also has female vocals but is totally different from either of the first two bands and sort of between them with a more Halloweeny and less pop sound.​gyemollakgam

"G.T. Arpe" will likely play mostly instrumental stuff, including newish songs "Manila #1" and "Manila #2", and some other more mellow avant pop and avant realist soundscapisms.​pervanhalen

New Daejeon DJ "Dale" from the UK to spin on this night, making his debut at Kut. No cover at this event!!!!

GIG information :​and/8jVM/13