Santa Claus Daejeon Open Mic Presents "A Journey In Chaos


Saturday, April 7, 2012 - 21:00


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Seoul via France metal/loop pedal soloist "A Journey In Chaos" will perform as the feature act at next Saturday's open mic at Santa Claus Hof! A Journey In Chaos loops neoclassical metal and fingerpicking riffs in a spiralling mix, intermittently throwing drum machine beats into his lengthy quasi-improvisational compositions. He regularly plays in Seoul. 

서울/브랑스 움막가 "미친 여행에서" 다움 토요일 특별한 오펜 마이크 가수 입니다. 

Feature Host is Daejeon's "Rob Roy"! 
툭별한 사회자 대전 사람 럽 로이 입니다!

No cover! 1 free drink each performer!!!
무료 입장! 맥주 호근 음료 한게 매 가수!!!

Check their links here/인터넷 추소 여기 입니다: