Puchon Int'l Fantastic Film Festival - July 19~29


Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 10:00


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Turning to the 16th Edition, the biggest genre film festival in Asia,  PiFan has established itself as an important forum for diverse spirits of filmmakers and moviegoers, showcasing around 220 films with the participation of over 100,000 audience and 250 journalists every year. Since 2000, when PiFan became the only supporting member in Asia of European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (EFFFF), PiFan has been introducing more cutting-edge films from all over the world, which led the films’ success in Korean market. In addition, PiFan launched its first project market called Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) in 2008, a multifaceted, in-depth industry program for global genre film professionals, providing invaluable programs for all film-related fields, including film development, co-production, financing and post-production, solidifying its place as a leader of Asian genre film market.


The competition section of PiFan shows newly, innovative spirit of the genre centered films directed by those who directors have potentials. Puchon Choice is separated Feature & Shorts.
Focused and introduced forefront of ‘Fantastic’ films in Horror, Mystery, Thriller, SF genres.
The greatest film master's category introduces either the latest or controversial works by them.
The wide, creative view in the Comedy, Melodrama, Musical genres.
Composition of highly intensive visual and sensational narrative stimulating five senses. Guarantee that full tide of pleasure one hundred percent.
Family Fanta isfocusing on and taking a comfortable view of pleasure for family & lovers just begin.
Ani Fanta category provides sensitive and peculiar moment with 'Fantastic' Animation.
The collection of selected best ‘Fantastic’ shorts from all around the world. Showing an imaginative attraction of shorts that only can shorts can do it by itself.
Focus on contemporary initiative directors & their works in genres. It also shows PiFan's characteristic every year by looking back to the past history of films
Outdoor Screenings are to be shown at the field of Bucheon City for family, lover and friend in summer nigh