Pool and foosball comptetition


Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 20:00


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Come to Lzone Café to play Foosball and Pool at 8pm on Thursday at Lzone Cafe. 


Lzone Deals

* 5 000\ cover charge; this includes 1 free drink coupon and participation in the tournament

* If you win the tournament, you win 30 000\ Lzone Cash (money available to use for anything at Lzone – meals, language lessons and of course drinks!)!

This Thursday night we offer a social but competitive tournament to be crowned the BEST player for the night!

Whether you’re a pool shark or a winning Foosball player, you are welcome to come and play us to practice your skills!

We will be running a tournament to determine who the best all-round player is!

 Show off your skills or simply come to make new friends from Korea and across the world. We will have attendees from all over the world there:

Jonathan from American, Edgar from Spain, Franziska from Germany, Ryan from Canada, Lucia from China, Bright from Ghana, Hayley from Australia, Joyce from China, Andreas from Italy, Minna from Finland, Krystal from China, Mike from Korea

And if you want to practice a little first just come at 6pm and we will show you how to play