Oriental Medicine-Bio Expo in Jecheon


Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 10:00


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The World Oriental Medicine-Bio Expo (September 16 – October 16)


Welcome to the world of oriental and international medicines and therapies.  Jecheon located in the mountainous Chungcheongbuk-do region of Korea has long been the centre of traditional and oriental medicine.  It is only natural then that Korea’s first World Oriental Medicine-Bio Expo will be held in the city amongst the lush background of this stunning region.

The month long event will cascade with everything imaginable related to oriental medicines and therapies.  The huge expo area itself is a veritable theme park housing museums, international and Oriental therapies, herb gardens, performances, free health checks, herb gardens and more designed to make the entire experience one that your whole body, mind and spirit will be able to submerse itself in.  All this for just the cost of one ticket.

More importantly for many people who come outside of Asia Oriental and herbal medicines and therapies have long been a fascination.  It is true that while Western medicine has its strengths its weakness and limitations have also been come apparent. Oriental medicine and therapies however, while a viable alternative that seek to heal the root causes as well as the whole body, mind and spirt can sometimes be out of reach.  Even in Korean, Western style medicine is still more easily accessible.

The Bio Expo serves as an exhilarating one stop shop into the world of Oriental and international traditional medicines and therapies.  One that will serve as a way to lift the lid of this mysterious and age old medicinal treasure trove, educate the mind, soothe the body and excite the senses.

Please check the pages of this site to get a more thorough understanding of the scope this event and what it has to offer you and your body.

Exhibitions & Museums

Despite being only being a one month event, visitors will be able to encounter a dazzling array of traditional/herbal medicine and therapeutic based museums, exhibitions and even conferences.

The Oriental Medicine Bioscience Museum

Your journey of discovery will start here in this spectacular building overlooking the beautiful grounds and pond. Here you can encounter the cultural history of Oriental medicine and the scientific principles often seen as unworthy of serious study.  On display will also be modern diagnosis and scientific treatment and technologies used today.  A science experience hall and also a 4D theatre will also bring the experience, the culture and the science of Oriental medicines and treatments to all your senses.

The Futuristic Korean Medicine Pavilion

In the age of green health the Korean Medicine Pavilion will explore the dramatic change in life that is happening as a result of oriental medicines.  It will also showcase oriental medicine/medical examination equipment.  Meridian pathways – the 12 known rivers of energy that flow through the body – will also be explored using modern, scientific means.  This centre will also look to the future – Jecheon in 2030 as a future Oriental Medicine city, a leader in green health.

The International Fermentation Museum

Fermented foods, in Korea and around the world not only sustains much of the world’s population but also provides many health benefits.  Here y ou will be able to see a variety of fermented foods and the wonders of microorganisms.  Alcohol – perhaps the world’s most infamous fermented food – and its culture will also be on display.  Here you will also be able to see and experience a variety of fermented dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt in the making.

Medicinal Herb Study Pavilion

A way from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant expo right in the centre of the grounds is the Medicinal Herb Study  Pavilion.  Here you can learn about the origin and history of medicinal herbs, find out about herb types and discover their ability to heal and sooth a wide range of ailments. Included are a showcase of foreign and race medicnal herbs as well as a chance to taste some and to encounter Jecheon’s own ‘Jecheon Hwanggi’ herb. There will also be yet another herb garden for you to relax in.

Medical Industrial Pavilion

Given the huge amount of commercial interest in Oriental medicines and therapies the Medical Industrial Pavilion showcases related industries.  Here you can see the products manufactured by these industries including cosmetics and medical equipment.

This incredible area, specially designed and constructed will offer a wealth of services, food, entertainment and ways to soothe your body and mind. The location will bristle with gardens, herb gardens, parks, restaurants, stages all balanced by a stunning creek running right though the middle.  As well as the pavilions, exhibitions, clinics and other such spaces elaborated in the other pages there will be a children’s park, a maze garden, aquatic botanical garden, observatory, themepark and a herb fair.

The diverse sights and sounds will literally take you a whole day to discover.

Please visit the official Jecheon blog to more information about transport to Jecheon and the beautiful region itself: http://jecheon.wordpress.com/