Open Mic/Jonny Cash Tribute Night at Santa Claus


Saturday, July 2, 2011 - 21:00


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Santa Claus' monthly open mic continues this Saturday!!!
산타 크라스 오펜 마이그 이번 토요일 계석할것이예요!!!

Feature act is Elissa Jo Roberts from Austin, Texas!!!!
특별한 가수 이맀아 조 러븥스 연주할걸이예요!!!

Feature hosts are comedian Ken Cahall and chanteuse Sasha Velvet!!

Play a song and get a free drink from Mr. Ho!!!
언제 노래 해요 무료 맥주 한 게 있어요!!!

This open mic is honor of the late, great Jonny Cash. Playing anything by Jonny Cash is openly encouraged at this event.

Drink specials and Santa's great food selection all night long!!!
마는 술 하린 있어요!!!

tequila, jager 3000 won each
maker's mark, jim beam 4000 won each
cheeseburger with fries 2000 won off
we will serve 2 for 1 drinks as usual:
domestic bottle beers, mixers(vodka, rum, gin)

No cover at this event per the usual case!!!