Mannam Korean Speech Contest!


Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 10:00


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What if mothers weren't with us, when we couldn't do anything by ourselves?

Mothers, they hug and carry us on their backs when we were babies and made us walk and stand for ourselves.
Thanks to mothers who are always with us, the world becomes wide and we call a "Mother tongue" as the language you first learned to speak.
We hope that Korea can be your other homeland, not another country, through Korean language.
Let's get together for the people who learn Korean to look wider at the world.
We MANNAM are a volunteer association which serve not only our local neighborhoods but also help forigners living in Korea to get used to the new surroundings, So we offer free Korean classes, many other community activities and MANNAM gives foreigners and Koreans the chance to use their talents to donate and volunteer.
We MANNAM find things from MANNAM like Free Korean class, that is the Korean language ability of foreigners who have a deep understanding of Korean cultures which is outstandingly excellent.
We think if there is a place that foreigners can show their Korean language expression ability, it would be very useful for foreigners to communicate about Korean cultures because they could not only share Korean skills, but also the diverse experiences in Korea.
So, we are planning to hold The First MANNAM Speaking Contest without divisions like age, academic ability, country and occupation and we believe that it will be a great festival that all foreigners can join and have fun together.



1. Summary
- Participants : International residents of Busan Gyeongnam area.
- Preliminary : April 27th SAT. 10am to 5pm 
- Final : May 12th SUN. 4pm 
- Theme : MANNAM ; Korea that I met (A4 1~2 sheet for 3 minutes)

2. Application and announcement 
- Application Period : March 18th. (Mon) ~ April 17th. (Wed)
- The announcement of document screening : April 19th (Fri)
- The announcement of the preliminaries : April 30th (Fri)

3. How to apply
- Internet Application.

- Documents to be submitted : [email protected]
Foreign proof documents, photo, 1 manuscript.

4. Awards and prizes Korean Speech Contest, 7 people
- 1st prize, 1 person (Grand prize Best MANNAM)
Award and 500,000 KW
- 2nd prize, 1 person. (Excellent MANNNAM)
Award and 300,000 KW
- 3rd prize, 2 persons. (MANNAM)
Award and 150,000 KW
- 3 Special Awards
(PEACE Awards: Popularity Award) 50,000 won worth of gift certificates + MANNAM T-shirts

★ Raffle prizes for the audience will be given on the day of the contest

5. Contact
- Office 070-7512-3207
- Shanel 010-9722-8388
- J.E Choo 010-8568-3507 


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MANNAM Busan North Facebook :