Let's talk about SEXualities!


Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 14:00


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Heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. When I was growing up, those were the three I knew about so they were the only three that existed. Boy, was I wrong! Asexuality, pansexuality and more exist.

What are these sexualities all about? What is it like to live in the world as someone who identifies as one of these? Closer to home, what is it like to live in Korea?

Join us for a Q&A about our sexualities at Table Talk English Cafe on Sunday, the 15th at 2.
We will give a brief overview of what we're all about then we will open the floor for questions. 

Please note that this event will have adult content in it. We are all very open about our sexualities so please be respectful to all of us.

Who are we?
My name is Jenna and I will be representing asexuality.
My friend, Eva will be representing demisexuality and pansexuality.
My friends, Jeffrey, Katie, and Dorian will be representing homosexuality.

Directions to Table Talk:
Kyunsung University (212 on the green line). 
Go out of exit 5 and turn left at the gas station. Table Talk is the second building down on your right. It is on the third floor.




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