Let's Rock!! Blow Out Show Vol.5 @ Club Realize


Friday, June 17, 2011 - 20:00


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Let's Rock!! "Blow Out Show Vol.5"
@ Club Realize
2011.6.17. Fri. Start Around 8Pm
Entrance Fee : 10,000 KRW With a Free Drink

-Line up-

Pinch Becks
Millstone Grit
All I Have
Fatal Fear
Velvet Coast
Nero Band

Punk Rock New Kidz In Busan "Pinch Becks"

Busan Emo-Core Band "Velvet Coast"

Busan Haps talks "Millstone Grit":
"Millstone Grit kicked off the evening with a set of all original songs composed by the budding high school rockers. Watching them shred onstage and react to the audience members dancing recalled memories of garage bands back in the day - when dreams of stardom... were less-clouded by the daily grind."

Pretty 2Girls Acoustic Pop,Jazz Duo "Nero Band"

Raise Your Fist!!
Let's Moshing!!
Busan New Hard Core Band "All I Have"

Power Play Magazine From UK Talks "Fatal Fear":
Rising Korean Extreme Metal with a British Flavour - Ross Baker

Rock Djying Till Dawn!!~~

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