KOTESOL National Conference @ Kangnam University (Yongin)


Saturday, November 11, 2023 - 21:00


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From: https://koreatesol.org/nc2023

Call for Presentations

Multicultural Celebration: Relations, Research, Reflections

with a Kids Cafe

  • Date:  Saturday, November 11, 2023 
  • Location: Kangnam University, South Korea  - Map: Google Maps KR
  • When: Saturday, November 11, 2023
  • Where: Kangnam University, Yongin, Korea
  • Proposalsubmission form 
    • Submission due date: September 24th, 2023


This conference aims to bring together educators and researchers from a range of backgrounds to discuss the current status of multicultural education in Korea and its potential for English language teaching and learning. Participants will have the opportunity to present their work, exchange ideas, and collaborate on strategies to create a more inclusive and welcoming learning environment. 

We hope that the 2023 National Conference will provide a forum for educators to share their ideas, innovations, experience, action research, and major research findings. Furthermore, we plan to organize a junior program for conference attendees’ children and other young multicultural learners.

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  • Are you a (potential) presenter with questions? 2023kotesolnc(at)gmail.com
  • Are you an attendee with questions? 2023kotesolnc(at)gmail.com
  • Are you curious about the Youth Program? rhett(at)burtonenglishschool.com