HOUSE ROOTS @Almost Famous KSU 2014.07.12.Sat


Saturday, July 12, 2014 - 22:00


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HOUSE ROOTS In Busan / on.22


##### Soulfull Disco Funky Jackin Chicago & Classic Legend.
All About House Music. For the Funky Life ####

Kyung Sung Station, Exit 1 on Subway Line 2
"Almost Famous"
B1, 55-2, Dae - Yeon 3 Dong, Busan 608-804

지하철 2호선 경성대역 1번출구
"올모스트 페이머스"
부산시 남구 대연3동 55-2 지하 608-804
Entrance Fee : 5,000 KRW


There was a period when korean club cultures were booming. In Mid 2000, Hongdea - Seoul, was the central area for "Cool & Trendy" events, with an eclectic variety of distinctive "flavors" of music.

Huge festivals, back then, were equivalent to what many nowadays, would consider to be a "small party".

Regardless, the desire of free culture was constantly born and HOUSE MUSIC became a domineering catalyst that supported people's e-pression of this freedom.

Members of HOUSE ROOTS began to openly express their devotion to house music, at this very time. Also, at this time, many great artists from overseas, came to Korea to share their passion for House music; Dj Spen, Chuck Love, Stone bridge, Dj Sneak, Grant Nelson, i-dep, Bob Sinclar, Ian Carey. Not to forget three men who dreamed about being djs, but faced difficulty because they had already invested a lot of energy in alternative careers.

After a long time, they've finally gathered for the first HOUSE ROOTS event, in 2012, at Myoung Wol Gwan, the oldest underground club in Hongdea. HOUSE ROOTS has played 20 times over a 2 year period. Not only do they aim to please the nostalgic House devotees, but also want to ignite the "House Passion" in a new generation of music lovers.

The voice of music is a powerful medium in our ever expanding club culture. New forums for parties and music are in constant evolution. What we - HOUSE ROOTS seeks is, respect for House music alongside the collective variety of other music genres. Through House music, we hope to express love and peace, while capturing true fun and joy of music and partying. As well as, nurturing a space to allow breath, and freedom from all the daily pressures of life and it's competitiveness.

We are HOUSE ROOTS and these are our dreams!!!