"Hot Fiyah" Hip-Hop/R&B Competition (Televised event)


Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 11:00

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Wong Won Productions/Good Times Productions presents: "HOT FIYAH"

Hey artists,

Ever wanted to work with a big time producer??? Well here's your chance! WYCLEF JEAN'S producer. DEVON.

Seoul, get ready for a kick ass performance that you don't want to miss. Live on stage will be some of Seoul's finest artists competing for the title. Hip Hop TV want to see what they been missing in Seoul. And to make it even more interesting, it will be filmed and put on TELEVISION! That's right.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU GET TO BE ON TELEVISION!!!!!!!!!!!

So, get ready to dance away to hip hop classics from no other than DJ DANTE THREATS.

PRIZES for winners includes:

1. Free bottle
2. Free studio time
3. A track with WYCLEF JEAN's producer. DEVON!!!
4. Get an exclusive mini-documentary on TELEVISION!!! That's right artists, you can use it to add to you EPK (electronic press kit).
5. music video (more info coming soon)???
6. Opening act of the next Hip-Hop event (Iconz Media/Potty Mouth/Multi)

Artists, this package is worth well over a couple of thousands or dollars! Don't pass this opportunity up!

SEE YA THERE!!!!!!!!!!
About Hip Hop TV:

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HHTV TV Shows are now playing in the Usa, SA, & Lesotho! + alot more countries are now getting on board with the Supa-Train that is, in motion!

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Wong Won Productions:
Wong Won Productions WEBSITE LAUNCHING IN 3 DAYS!!!!!!
ARTISTS wanting to enter in the performance competition must do the following:

1. Submit 1 performance track and the original recording of the song to [email protected]om (2 tracks total)
2. Rock the crowd during the performance
3. Brief shout out in front of the camera about how you felt/thoughts/opinions of how you were on stage.
4. 10,000 won registration fee. You will be e-mailed a release waiver for your track.

You will be judged on your recorded track, stage presence, lyrics, crowd involvement. 

Like my good friend Dumbfoundead says, "Step ya bars up!"


Wong Won Productions
Hip Hop TV
Rip City to Seoul
Good Times Productions
Ear Candi Entertainment
Derrty Productions
R.O.K. Hip Hop.com
Potty Mouth Productions

Entrance: 10,000won