Hot Beef 2: Electric Boogaloo @ Yellow Taxi (Daejeon)


Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 22:00


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Your lovely Daejeon Trivia hosts are still on vacay, so instead Mark and Jake are bringing you some wet, hot, American trivia action next Thursday at Yellow Taxi. (And no, there won't be any American-centric categories THIS time.)

Some things remain the same: Each team can have a max of 5 people, 5,000 won/person. Runners-up get their money back; first place team gets the rest. The team with the best name (as chosen by M&J) wins a free round of beers.

Team registration starts at 10pm with questions at 10:30pm sharp.

The format this time will be different: each round will have five questions, with question one worth 1 point, question two worth 2 points, and so on.

Here is a sample category:

Board Game Rules - In what game would you find the following rules?

1 point - Each time a player passes 'GO' he/she receives $200 from the banker.

2 points - The player having the red token, Miss Scarlet, rolls the die and moves first.

3 points - A roll of 6 and 6 means that the player has four sixes to use.

4 points - She may play the Ninetales card on top of the Vulpix card.

5 points - Spilled Bucket: Dump the cherries out of your bucket, place them back on your tree and start over.

There will be 10 of these 5-question rounds.

Saddle up, kids!