The Ha-Ha Hole Comedy OpenMic-Followed by Rock&Roll with The Headaches


Friday, December 3, 2010 - 22:00

My, oh my, is that ketchup in your eye! 

The first Friday is nearly here and with it Busan's only comedy open mic night, The Ha-Ha Hole.  Join the fun starting at 10:00p.m. at Soultrane in PNU.  Last month's show celebrated the one year anniversary and The Ha-Ha Hole wants to keep the good times rolling into year two for the beautiful people of Busan (and anyone else who wants to come watch the show). 

Any and all acts are welcome to grace the stage, but you must try and make the beautiful portion of the audience laugh! 

Each month has seen new, newer, and first time performers, so you no need to feel shy if you want to give it a try!

Comics have been throwing jokes at it for three consecutive months of a  packed SoulTrane, so arrive early to get a seat.  Unless you want to stand, of course! Either way, a good time is guranteed or Matt Schmidt will buy you a beer!

Some of the comics expected to appear:

Matt 'Dreamy Eyes' Caldwell

Chris 'I Got Crazy with the Cheez Wiz' Tharp

Sam 'Huff on these Crab Eyes' Hazelton

David 'Sam's on your Side' Scraggs

Ben 'You Can't Handle Any More of This!' May

Johnny the Greek- a nickname unto himself

a special appearance by Matt 'Boom!' Schmidt

and from Seoul (or somewhere near) Albert Escobido


...with more comics to be added at the venue*. 

Hosted by Roy Early and followed by Busan's rockingest band:


*not featuring George Strait on pedal steel guitar

*not featuring Slim Pickens on vocals

*not featuring George Jones on drinks

*possibly featuring the ghost of Dave Mustaine's right hand

*not featuring Bobby Bare or Bobby Bare, Jr.


**enough already with the asterisks-see you at the show!!!





Re: The Ha-Ha Hole Comedy OpenMic-Followed by Rock&Roll with ...

Who is that guy in the picture?  He looks kind of like that Tharp guy, but I do not think it is him.  Isn't that the CRAB EYES! dude?  He has not performed at the last few shows.  Does this mean he will be at Soultrane this time?  Regardless, we are looking forward to the show.  That Samuel Bibby is not mentioned on the list.  Will that Samuel guy be getting his rebuttal on tomorrow?  My workmate really loves that part, but he is usually pretty drunk by then.  At last month's show he had what seemed like a million shots, plus all the beers!  We have our own little Ha-Ha Hole drinking game: everytime someone says 'this hat is just too ugly,'  'may contain pubes,' or 'sweet bucket of gas.'  we  drink a shot.  Those guys from the northwest of the America sure do like to make us laugh!  Make mine a table for five for sure. 

Re: The Ha-Ha Hole Comedy OpenMic-Followed by Rock&Roll with ...

Put the schizzle in the hazizzle!  I love that Sam Bibzelton guy at the end!  Definitely be there tonight to listen to that wacky Canadian tell stories about getting kicked out of bath houses and huffing gas while underage and 'all the while running with the bad crowd.'  The way he tells his story, Steve and I always imagine his youth as something akin to David Sedaris's college life mixed with Peter Billingsley's latent violent streak.  I highly recommend that people check out Mr. Bibzelton for a good time. 

Re: The Ha-Ha Hole Comedy OpenMic-Followed by Rock&Roll with ...

The HA-HA HOLE is performed the first Friday of every month at Soul Trane.  I don't quite understand your question when you ask when will we do it a "different weekend?"  Do you mean a different day (ie, Saturday), or perhaps the second or third Friday of the month?  Whatever the case, we do it the same time every month and that has never been any different.

Sometimes I produce other comedy shows here under the banner "The Ha-Ha Hole Presents" but those are almost always on Saturday nights and  booked with at least one out-of-town comic, as opposed to the open mike we got going on now.