Friday, March 4, 2011 - 22:00


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Hey kids!  It's that time of month again.  Yes--we're talking about THE HA-HA HOLE, the only comedy open mike south of the Han River.

Everybody's back in the Big B, after a winter filled with snowstorms, artillery barrages, and Southeast Asian sex tourism.  The lineup is gonna be massive, with all the old faces, plus some new ones.

And please come out to see our very very special guest (that's "special" as in one-of-a-kind, not retarded), our featured comic, all the way from the hard streets of Seoul, JEFF SINCLAIR.  He is a supremely funny man who is guaranteed to kill.  

Also, it is rumored that we will be treated to a first-time set from none other than the incomparably gorgeous VIOLET LEA, known better as the hotter half of the musical duo POKO LAMBRO.  Her man ANTHONY GARCIA will hit the mike as well (We've heard they've got a bet going).


This is an OPEN MIKE.  That's right, ANYONE can perform.  The only catch is that you gotta try to make 'em laugh.

Sign up starts at 9:30.  First-come, first serve.

Hosted by CHRIS THARP, who just may have some new material this time!!!!



Old and New Faces?

Everyone has returned to the 'Big B?'  I thought it was 'Pusan?'  Oh, what does it matter, the film festival just confuses me sometimes.  Anyway, if 'everybody' is back in town, does that mean Nick Hazelton will be entertaining the crowd?  He is the best!  Did he serve as the microphone model on the logo?  I bet he did.  If it was not him, I bet it was Chris Bibby.  Those guys are so funny they make me shoot pink!  Glad to hear that loads of people will grace the stage.  My buddies and I love that Tharpies rebootal at the end.  It makes us shoot rainbows in our eyes!  Hopefully that Ben May guy will perform.  My friend, Davy, abosolutey hits the floor when he goes on about the south.  It reminds him of his girlfriend's family.  Oh, man, tomorrow is going to be awesome.  Go Chris Bibby!!!

Comedy Tonight?!?!?

tonight's hole thing looks awesome.  if a bunch of people really did go on a sex tourism trip, that sounds like funny material.  did Matt Bibby go on one of those tours?  did he do anything with a microphone like the one in the picture?  sure hope his CRAB EYES!BOOM tells everyone about it.  i hope nicky hazelton will be there tonight.  has he also returned from a snowy sex tour?  hope he brought a gallon can with him because soultrane can run on diesel fuel!  breathe it in deeply!  will that dudette that looks like a canadian napolean dynamite be performing? that chick makes me laugh.  what about angry sam and that hairy drink of water from last month's duet?  those guys were funny.  my friend, the p.e. teacher, friggin' loved their act.  better than huey lewis and gwyneth paltrow in reverse, he said

Ha-Ha Hole worth a shot

You guys with your always 'interesting' announcements sold it to me.  I will check it out.  If there is really no Albert Escobedo or Jeff Sinclair I will be upset, though.