The Ha Ha Hole: Busan's Comedy Open Mike @ Soul Trane


Friday, June 3, 2011 - 22:00


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Oh me, oh my, would you like something wet in your eye?  How about some tears of laughter?  That's right, it is that time of the month again, comedy time!

Come one come all to Busan's Open Mic comedy night, The Ha-Ha Hole on Friday June 3 at starting around 10:00pm. 

Performer sign-up starts at 9:30pm sharp.  As usual, F-2 visa holders will receive no special treatment.  However, anyone producing a F-69 visa will be allowed to interrupt the show at anytime and take the stage.

All performers are welcome: first timers, second timers, old timers, and many timers are encouraged to take the stage.  For the past six months there have been at least one or more new act each show.  In fact, the audience and the comedians share so much love between them that after May's Ha-Ha Hole, one guy who just popped his cherry bought each and every member of the audience a shot!  What a guy!  Thanks again.

June 3rd holds a special place in my heart.  I just wanted to share that information.

This show promises to offer many new and interesting, but most importantly, funny twists.  For the very first time at Korea's Funniest Open Mic, your host for the evening will be none other than:

Haeundae's most well known and popular beach comber,

the man featured in numerous documentaries on romance around the Aegean,

the legendary lethario who has aided many women in living out their Mama Mia vacation fantasy,

the one, the only, JOHNNY THE GREEK!

Other performers scheduled to perform:

Sir Nick Tharp

Chris Bibby

Nicky Hazelton

Sir Samuel Scraggs

Phillip K. Dick

The Ghost of Randy Savage

Nicky Tharp

Christopher Bibby

Ron Jeremy

Matt 'Tharp' Schmidt

Chris 'The Caldwell' Kim





A dude that eats worts

and many many more!

See you Friday!




after hours 'activities?'

The show was great last month, by the way.  However, one of the comics was supposed to take me to an after hours 'meeting for open minded people who like to share.'  The group of us got separated and I lost everyone.  I hope they are there again.  I wish I could describe him, but all I remember was the he was tall and slurred his speech quite a bit.  The excitement I feel about tonight's show can barely be contained and I am not just talking about seeing Sammy the Greek perform, either!

Re: The Ha Ha Hole: Busan's Comedy Open Mike @ Soul Trane

That is an interesting story.  If it is true, the dude you may have been with that night was either Nick Hazelton or Sam Bibby.  Those two guys are crazy.  Hope you enjoy the show.  David Tharp should be pretty awesome for this Ha-Ha Hole.  DT always delivers in ways a bus driver can only imagine!