Gongju International Art Festival


Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 10:00


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Opening Place: Limlip Art Museum (Gisan-ri, Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do)

Supervised by: Limlip Art Museum

Contact: Limlip Art Museum (☎ 041-856-7749, Fax 041-857-5734)Website: www.giaf.net


  • Gongju is located in the center of South Korea and of South Chungcheong Province.
  • It is sharing borders with 7 cities and counties in South Chungcheong Province - Yeongi County and Daejeon Metropolitan City in the east, Cheongyang County and Yesan County in the west, Buyeo County and Nonsan City in the south and Asan City and Cheonan City in the north.

Natural Environment

  • Two major mountains are located near Gongju (Mt. Charyong and Mt. Gyeryong), and Geum River runs through the city from east to west. Several tributary rivers such as Yugu-cheon, Jeongan-cheon, Daekyocheon, Jemin-cheon, and Hyoljeo-cheon meet here.
  • Gongju has one nationally-managed river (Geum River) and one locally-managed river (Yugu-cheon). The combined length of these rivers reach 1,159km.
  • Mt. Charyong blocks the freezing north wind, making Gongju warmer than northern cities, But affected by Geum River, the city shows the continental temperature pattern with a wide range of temperature between the hottest and coldest periods of the year.


  • The average spring temperature is 11.3, slightly higher than that of neighboring areas excluding big cities. The spring temperature of Gongju is 0.5 higher than that of the west cost, and 0.7 lower than that of Daejeon.
  • The average summer temperature is 23.3, lower than Buyeo's 23.8, and 1 lower than Daejeon's 24.3
  • The average fall temperature is 12.1, 1.3 lower than Buyeo's 13.4, and 1.7 lower than Daejeon's 13.4.
  • The average winter temperature of South Chungcheong province is -1.5 ~ 0.5, and that of Gongju is about 1, slightly higher than neighboring areas.



Train [Reservation on Internet]

Seoul - Daejeon
  • Saemaeul : About 30-minute interval from 06:00 to 23:00, it takes one and half hour
  • Mugunghwa : About 30-minute interval from 06:15 to 23:55, it takes two hours

Express Bus[Reservation on Internet]

Seoul (Express Bus Terminal) - Gongju

06:00 - 23:00 every 40-minute interval, it takes one and half hour

Seoul (Nambu Terminal)- Gongju

06:40 - 19:40 every 20-minute interval, it takes one and half hour

Seoul - Daejeon

06:00 - 21:55 every 5 to 10-minute interval, it takes one hour and 50 minutes

Cross-Country Bus Terminal

Daejeon Dongbu Terminal - Gongju

07:00 - 21:00 22 times a day, it takes one hour and ten minutes

Daejeon Seobu Terminal - Gongju

06:29 - 22:30 every 5-minute interval, it takes one hour

By Car

From Seoul
  • Gyeongbu Highway - Cheonan-Nonsan Highway - Jeongan IC - National Road No. 23 - Exit to City Hall - Geumgang Bridge - Gongju Downtown
  • Gyeongbu Highway - Cheonan-Nonsan Highway - Namgongju IC - National Road No. 40 - Gongju Downtown
From Busan
  • Gyeongbu Highway - Honam Highway - Yuseong IC - National Road No. 32 - Geumgang Bridge - Gongju Downtown
From Gwangju or Honam
  • Honam Highway - Cheonan-Nonsan Highway - Namgongju IC - National Road No. 40 - Gongju Downtown
  • Honam Highway - Nonsan IC - Nonsan Downtown - National Road No. 23 to Gongju -Wolsong Intersection - National Road No. 32 - Geumgang Bridge - Gongju Downtown