Free doubles event at Kyungsung Chill Bar-


Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 15:00


Event Type: 

Come into the Kyungsung Chill Bar wearing a pair of sunglasses-say the words:

"Do you know a lady called Doris?" as you  order any drink from the bar menu- (prices start from  5,000 won)

We will then prepare (to your choice) a double rum/ vodka or gin + (tonic/coke) as our gift to you-(this will be served  with your original drink order)

(Offer limited to one gift drink per person-gift drinks are non- transferable)

((((You mean I can buy one Bud for 5000 Won and get a drink for 6000 Won free?)) Yes. 

(If no sunglasses- thats ok - but you will be looking at a 'single' rather than a double of the above mentioned drink.



(Bar currently closed on Sundays)

Chill Bar (leave Kyungsung subway  exit 1 then walk 100 meters take 1st right- ) 

Chill Bar blog below

Offer currently open but subject to withdrawl without notice-