Fermentation Celebration @ Craftworks Bistro in Itaewon


Saturday, March 12, 2011 - 13:00


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Denizens of Seoul!

Hear me! In this place we call home, Korea, we have a lot to be grateful for. Mountain vistas, decent public transportation, and cheap pork ribs. But let’s face it—there’s still plenty that we all miss. We, the electronic hippies of the digital age…we miss our organic foods. We miss our live-yogurts; our crusty, funky cheeses; our beers made with friends on rainy Sundays. We yearn to be set free from the corpor......ate shackles of Cass, Kraft singles, and all the other products that deaden the body and soul.

We yearn for fermentation! We yearn for hand-made, organic food.

We yearn for FREEDOM!

Well children, on Saturday, March 12th at Craftworks Bistro, you will be set free. For on that day, we present:


The purpose of the gathering is first and foremost to introduce the citizens of Seoul to all the amazing fermentables-projects that people have been doing on their own. The other purpose is to get other brewers, makers, and bakers together in one place to share ideas, communicate, and form a burgeoning community.

A small fee of 8000W will allow you to sample anything you want. There will be: vegan kimchi, kefir, kefir cheese, home-made makkoli, kombucha, home-made beer, and more!

The lovely staff at Craftwork’s Bistro in Itaewon (review and directions: bit.ly/ihl86h) have been kind enough to let us host this event!

Most of our vendors will have their contact information available. Do you want your own personal supply of kombucha, makkoli, or cheese? Here's your chance to speak directly to the source!

So: awesome homemade fermentables, micro-brewed beer, tasty bistro delectables, and shit we haven’t even thought of yet? How can you possibly pass this up? Come to Fermentation Celebration and free your soul!

Stay tuned to this page for more updates!

When: March 12th

Where: Craftworks Bistro in Kyeongnidan (Itaewon), 1PM-5PM

How much: 8000W (the prices will be used to reimburse all the vendors for their samples. I.e., no one's making any money off of this, folks)

Why: delicious home-made fermented food, duh!See more