Excursion to Mt. Namsan in Gyeonju


Sunday, October 18, 2009 - 09:00


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 Window to Korean Culture (The 135th monthly event)


"Excursion to Mt. Namsan in Gyeonju"

We would like to invite you to our monthly event. We want to let foreigners know about Korean culture.

Autumn has come and it is very good season for outing. So we plan to go for outing to Mt. Namsan

in Gyeongju, the capital city of Shilla kingdom(1C-10C CE).


That mountain is not so high but full of historic relics. There are stone Buddha statues beside

the paths in the forest, relieves and intaglios carved on the precipice, royal tombs of ancient

Shilla kings and so on. Because Shilla people considered Mt. Namsan as Buddha's Land.

That is why Mt. Namsan is designated World Heritage by UNESCO. You can find not only

beautiful autumn scenes but also wonderful history and artifacts there.


Let's meet ancient Korea in middle of autumn!

When : October 18(Sun). 2009. From 9:00 ~ 16:00 p.m

Where : Mt. Namsan in Gyeongju

For whom : Foreigners only 

Fee : Free


* Shuttle service is available at PNUE subway station exit #6 at 8:30 a.m.

* Lunch is offered free.

Seats are limited. If you want to join this event, sign in beforehand to the following e-mail address

                                   or telephone number.

Application & Information

☎ 010-5581-2059 (Denise)

☎ 010-4104-8390 (Song E)

E-mail : [email protected]

Web http://www.busanbuddhism.com/eng_hannarae/traditional/03.asp


Web about Mt. Namsan : http://english.cha.go.kr/