Chan Hee Kim Solo Exhibition @ Kyeongwon Art Hall (Jeonju)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 00:00


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Welcome to my solo exhibition!!

This is my first solo exhibition!
I go to JeonBuk university graduate school of fine arts.

My artwork imagination from only my childhood.
I have a HAPPY HAPPY childhood. So I am very lucky girl.
When I was young girl, I lived in house.
My cousin families lived in the neighborhood. We are very very closer.
Even though My cousin are not real brothers and sisters, we are closer like real brothers and sisters.
So I have a big families.
I have 3 sisters and younger and older 1 brothers.
(Actually I have 1 older sister and younger brother.)
My House were big garden and yard. We could laugh and play. I still see it all. We have a good memories!
My grandmother live together, When I lived the house.
I remember, My grandmother loved me so much and She gave me truth love, faith, warm.. everything! I miss my grandmother so much.

Anyway, The houses and colors symbolizes my childhood in this my artwork. Maybe, also My grandmother symbolizes my childhood.
I am sure, My grandmother and childhood was the inspiration for my artwork.

The exhibition will run until next wednesday. (05/25~06/01)

Opening time: Pm 7 05/25

Time: Am 11 ~ Pm 6

Where: 경원 아트홀 Kyeng Won Art Hall, Jeonju down town.
현대증권 근처 Nearest Hyundai stock company.

Adress:전주시 완산구 경원동 3가 34-3 1층 경원 아트홀.
34-3 bunji, KyengWonDong 3-ga,
Jeonju si Wansan - gu.
063) 286-0345

016. 659. 8216
If you can't search for Kyeng Won Art Hall, Contact to me.