The Busan Drag Prom 2014


Saturday, June 21, 2014 - 21:00


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Oooooh, child! Here we go again! Start searching the local vintage shops and the back of your closet for a blast from the past because on Saturday, June 21st you’d better be in KSU dressed like a 'brick house'.  The Busan Drag Prom is back and is gonna have you jiving all night long at this year’s ‘Saturday Night Diva’ event.

Can you dig it?  

Almost Famous and Eva’s in KSU will host the Prom which kicks off at 9p.m. Wrist bands are available at the door of both establishments and the low price of 5000won allows you to keep on truckin between both bars all night.  As usual, the crowd will choose the most 'Bitchin Bunny'  and 'Stone Fox Daddy-O' at midnight based on their Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent to be the Prom King and Queen. Both bars will feature photo walls for you to shake your tails feathers at – and you just might win a prize in the Facebook Photo Contest.

Over the past two years, hundreds of dragsters have raised nearly 5 million won to assist human rights groups with their efforts to improve the lives of Korea’s LGBT community. This year, Busan Drag Prom plans to donate 100% of the event proceeds to the Korean non-profit human rights organization ISHAP who offer various vital services including anonymous HIV/AIDS and STI testing to the public. Once a month, ISHAP has an international clinic with an English speaking nurse who performs free 100% anonymous HIV/AIDS tests. Based in Busan, the group soley relies on government grants and donations to keep their much-needed operation running. Let’s show this very bold and very necessary organization some support. 

The Skinny:
Where: Almost Famous KSU, Eva’s KSU
When: Saturday, June 21st, 9pm. 
How muchy: 5,000 won* for entry to BOTH bars
*100% of the proceeds to benefit ISHAP

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