BUFS ENG317 Talk Show Webcast


Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 19:00


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Tonight, my courageous ENG317 students at Busan University of Foreign Studies will once again be helping me experiment with streaming live, interactive webcasts for English language learners. 

Students will be hosting segments on a variety of topics (see below). Everyone is welcome to tune in live at:
where viewers can post comments and ask questions in the text chat room during webcasts. 

Feedback and participation in future language learning webcasts is very welcome. 

Google Event Page at:https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c2ec3j766pe7b79vos47ptvuu74?authkey=CLrcvKHJ36mWIg

---Sunday, June 15, 7~9pm KST (Global Times: http://bit.ly/1jqEBax)---

박은정Park EunJeong, 김경선 Kim Kyungsun - Trouble Counseling 
신다경Shin Dagyung, 박성은 Park Songeung - Gender Issues
나 혜정 Na HyeJeong - Stress
성 동현 Seong Dongmin - Drinking
심진영 Shim Jinyeong - Smart Food Choices
김아현 Kim Ahyeon - Desserts
최 동윤 Choi DongYoon, 이 성은 Lee Seongeun - Kpop
황 지은 Hwang Jieun, 황효민 Hwang Hyomin - Ghosts

---Wed, June 18, 7~9pm KST (Global Times: http://bit.ly/1mVXa7w)---
김 성환 Kim Seonghwan, 천동민 Chun Dongmin - Indian/Thai Food
황규성Hwang Gyuseong, 김청호 Kim Chungho - Cross-fit
양 효선 Yang Hyseon - Cosmetics
최용 훈 Choi YongHoon - Drunk Driving
최성원 Choi Seongwon - Teaching