BIG Yellow Taxi's Annual Daejeon Christmas Party


Saturday, December 24, 2011 - 20:30


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UPDATE!!!! Greetings All! We have finalized the schedule for this Friday and is as follows:

MC'd by the wonderful James Taylor/Santa Clause

9:00 - 11:00 Classic Christmas Music

11:00 - 12:30 LIKE A FOX

12:30 - 12:45 Sole Bridge Dance Club

12:45 - 1:00 A reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Mr. James Taylor 

1:00 - 1:15 Laura Weiss

1:15 - 2:30 BUZZARD LUCK

2:30 - ??? More Classic Christmas Music

Remember to wear your Xmas attire! Ugly Xmas sweaters are encouraged!

Please bring non-perishable food items as donations for the less fortunate! 

3 Days Left! Ho Ho Ho! 


-------------- Go Elf Yourself! 2011

Seasons Greetings! 

It’s that time of year again for Yellow Taxi’s 2nd annual Go Elf Yourself! Christmas Party!

Friday December 23rd, 2011 will be a night of classic Christmas tunes, ugly Christmas sweaters and performances by Buzzard Luck, Like a Fox, The Solbridge Dance Club and Laura Weiss.

(입장료는 없습니다^^)


오랬동안 기다리시던 둔산동 Yellow Taxi에서 마련한 " 2011년 크리스마스 파티 "에 여러분들을 초대 합니다!

신나는 락밴드 두팀(Buzzard Luck, Like a Fox), 솔브리지의 댄스팀과 흥겨운 크리스마스 캐롤과 함께 합니다.
12월 23일 금요일 입니다

Please bring a non-perishable food item for our donation bin. 

We will also be collecting winter jackets and blankets for the homeless again this year. 

올해도 작년과 마찬가지로 통조림등 쉽게 상하지않는 음식이나 담요등을 가져오시면 주변의 어려우신분들을 도울수있는 행사도 마련되어있습니다

Merry Christmas!

Doors open at 6pm

Always a good time at Yellow Taxi! ---------------------