Band Lottery @ Daejeon Cantina


Saturday, March 31, 2012 - 21:00


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Greetings Daejeonites!

Oh do we have a night musical shenanigans in store for you tonight! A night filled with the kind of celebration & chaos only The Cantina provides.....

*****Cantina Band Lottery*****

Anyone with a talent or desire to collaborate & improvise using your body, voice or any instrument from kazoos to guitars please come hither and GET INVOLVED in this special occasion.

Each participant will be randomly chosen and placed in a temporary new band. A 15 minute practice period will ensue in which you and your new band mates will prepare your performance. After each of the bands have played, a set of judges will decide the winner based on 3 sets of criteria: performance, creativity, and showmanship. Obviously, each band will have to spontaneously decide what to play & who will play what in such a short time...but that's the fun of it all, isn't it!?

1st Place: 1 bottle of Jack
2nd Place: 1 free drink for each band member
3rd Place: 4 slightly stained napkins
4th Place or lower: just get drunk and forget about it!

Registration begins at 11:30 & performances are slated to start when the clock strikes 12!

If you want to add a little adventure in your life, come join us! Or if you wanna watch a once-in-a-lifetime concert of improvisation with a dash of hilarity, come check this out!

This event only happens once every 39 years, so don't miss it!:)

**********Opening Band*********

Blazingly awesome Korean rock band 갑천둔치거대홍합 will grace us with their 2nd show at Cantina! They rocked us the first time, so come check out some of their new originals they will premier for us! Their set starts at 10pm!

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