4play - the 1st party


Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 22:00


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따분한 일상에 돌아가는 판은 가관이고, 암묵적 폭력이 만연한 이때 우린 어디로 가야 하는가. 이태원? 홍대? 강남?아니면...뉴욕? 어디로 가야 할까? MVS (Ma Visible Sound)에서 진행하는 4PLAY는 "어디 좀 괜찮은 Something 없나?"에서 시작됐다.

다름을 추구하는 4PLAY를 간략히 설명하자면 4DJ's Play, For Play, Fore Play 등이며, 무엇보다 핵심은 'This is not a party but, PLAY'- 즉, 4PLAY에서 DJ는 연기자이고, DJ 테이블은 이 Play(연극)의 스테이지가 된다. 각설하고, 4PLAY 두가지만 기억하시라. Cool한 음악과 Funky한 스테이지 비주얼,
Nice한 사람들은 보너스. 

4PLAY는 앞으로 매월 첫째주 토요일 플래툰에서 진행된다.(설과 연휴로 2,3월엔 각 2.8, 3.8(Sat)에 진행되며, 이후엔 매월 첫째주 토요일 PM10 Door Open) 

당신의 건강한 삶과 아름다움을 위한 4PLAY, 
'인생 뭐 있나요, 그렇게 놀다 가는것을..' 

During times like this.. when we are bored the hell out of everything and there is silent violence prevailing in air, where do we go? Itaewon? Hongdae? Gangnam? Or…New York? MVS (Ma Visible Sound)’s 4PLAY started from the question: “Isn’t there some something?”

To briefly explain 4PLAY which seeks difference, it is 4DJ’s Play, For Play, Fore Play, etc and of all, the bottom line is ‘This is not a party but PLAY’. In other words, in 4PLAY, DJ is an actor and DJ table is the stage of this ‘Play.’ To change the subject, remember only these two things of 4PLAY: cool music and funky stage visual. Nice people are a bonus. 

4PLAY is going to go on every first Saturdays of the month at Platoon Kunsthalle. (Due to the holidays, February and March sets are going to be on Feb. 8th, and Mar. 8th but after that, it is going to be every first Saturdays, and doors open at 10PM). 

4PLAY is for your health and beauty. 
‘What is there to life, we just play by…’

Let's 4PLAY & Touch the visible sound! 

2014.2.8(SAT) PM10- @ Platoon
DJ- WOW, R2MP, Rust & Dust
Film- Takahito Irie, i-SPY, Bora Kim, Sondra 
Admission- 15,000원 1 Free Drink
Info- facebook.com/4pforplay