35th Haeundae Polar Bear Festival


Saturday, December 24, 2022 - 13:00


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12. 23. FRI / 18:30~20:00 : events on the eve of the festival ( concert )

12. 24. SAT / 13:00~17:00 : main events day ( Performance of getting into the water, celebratory performance, etc.)


December 24th is the day of a diving performance in Haeundae!
The performance was also selected as one of the top 10 unique sports in the world by the BBC!--

Last year, COVID-19 was non-face-to-face, but this year, you can feel the winter sea.--

There are various programs prepared for the Polar Bear Festival, which runs from the 23rd to the 24th, so please look forward to it.

(Ice Bucket Challenge, music night party...)

Applications are available until Friday, December 16th.
The participation fee is 30,000 KRW.

gifts will also be provided to the participants (t-shirts, swimming caps, beach towels, etc.).
It's a limited design for Christmas only:)--

How about making special memories with the Polar Bear Festival this Christmas season?!----

If you want to apply for participation, please apply on the website 


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