2022 Repair Cafe Seongdong (Seoul)


Saturday, June 18, 2022 - 13:00


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Toss it? No way!
We invite you to <2022 Repair Cafe Seongdong>!
Q. What is Repair Cafe? : It is a space where you can fix broken items with the help of a guide using prepared equipment and materials.
- We offer space for a day to those who want to fix the broken item themselves.
- You can use the equipment and materials necessary for repair for free.
- Don't worry! Our guides will be there to help you to show you how to use the equipment.
- Even if you don't have anything to fix, you can enjoy prepared coffee and look around!
Hosted by Seongdong-gu Office in 2022, under the supervision of the Seongdong Sharing Center(성동공유센터) and Sosodosi(소소도시), we are going to meet you at the 2022 Repair Cafe Seongdong.
Didn't you think it was troublesome to throw away and a waste to buy a new one while looking at things left in the house? Visit with things you want to fix for yourself and for the Earth!

Event Overview
○ Event name : 2022 리페어카페 성동(Repair Cafe Seongdong)
○ Organized by : Seongdong-gu Office / Seongdong Sharing Center, Sosodosi* (*Repair Cafe Seoul operator in 2018)
○ Purpose : Spreading culture of fixing broken objects, new encounters
○ Date and time : June 18, 2022. (Sat) 13:00-17:00
○ Location : Seongdong Sharing Center (10 Haengdang-ro 6-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)
○ Contents : Fixing broken objects, short class on how to use electric drivers, coffee
○ Broken items: Electronic devices (laptop, radio, etc.), bicycle, fabric/leather, household goods (toys, wooden chairs, etc.)
→ If you have any special parts for repair, you must bring them directly. (Smartphone LCD, bicycle tires, etc.)
○ Participation fee : Free
○ Participation application link : https://forms.gle/ke9fr6eLygLUoapU9
○ Inquiries : Seongdong Sharing Center(성동공유센터)(02-2282-6550) / Facebook 'RepairCafeSeoul' Instagram 'repaircafe.kr'