“MANNAM Yummy Korean Cooking Class”


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“MANNAM Yummy Korean Cooking Class”


As Mannam’s principle is world peace, through cooking class, we practice world peace in a very natural way. To make world peace, first step is getting to know one another.

People came to Korea, so by learning to cook the very food then live in, we get to learn each other in a deeper level.

After we cook, we share what we made, by eating and conversation, we share our hearts.

We cook in every 2 weeks, and every other week, we go out to explore foods.

We try the ethnic food from people around the world, we get to experience their world. Every 2 weeks, we explore, we also alternate ethnic food and Korean food.

Our teacher is a professional chef, the place is rented by generous owner, and heartfelt staffs will be like no other cooking class that you have ever experience. We want to experience that soul food experience with you!!



What: cooking well- known delicious Korean food with cool professional CHEF!!

When: July. 14th - Sep. 8th. Sats. 4-7pm.

About: Cooking bi-weekly. Exploring famous world food
& Korean food bi-weekly.

Where: Haeundae station exit 3. Near Haeundae beach street market. 

Cost: 20,000 per each class  (for ingredients and place rental) Exploring pays seperately


♠ We meet 3:30 @ Haeundae station exit 3. to go together.

It will be great!!!
Thanks for taking interest in Cooking class,

please confirm (to prepare for the ingtedients and ask any Q!! if u have any!!

Q. Anna 010-7197-7680

E-mail: [email protected]