You want a good Korean friend and Bike riding together.

Hi everyone.

I want to be good friends of any forigners who want to share friendship and culture through Bike Riding. you can visit bike club cafe and look around.

Let me introduce..

I am high school teacher, a Korean, have some experience teaching in CHINA, CANADA, etc...

When i stay in abroad i got lots of help from good foreign friends. Some of you have the same feeling of mine as new neighbors and are desperate to meet nice Korean friends sharing experiences and enjoyment.

i like all kind of sports, from soccer to tennis, recently i dig in Mountain bike .

if anybody want to enjoy riding and meet nice people, feel free to join weekly bike riding.

you dont need to be a club member join feel free in your convinient time.

if you have mountain bike it is better but don't mind mormal bike.

We usually ride mountains near Haewoon-dae area, but we must peddling hills and ride road too on the course. We have flexible time schedule but usually lunch together and back to late afternoon 3 or 4 pm.


The meeting info, place, time and contact cell phone are below;

The Place: 새삶교회 해운대 (on google map, just copy and paste "좌동 1486-3번지")

** you take #2 line sub way,  it is working distance off JangSan station exit 7 or 9.

When: Saturday 10:00 AM


Seung Man.