Would you like a FREE BBQ'd Burger & Root Beer at Songjeong Beach???


You are all invited to Songjeong Beach on October 4th 2014 12:30pm onwards for a FREE authentic flame grilled burger (cooked fresh on the beach) as well as a free DR Pepper or Root Beer as well as some other home cooked goodies. (While stocks last. We will have a lot of stock but please come early 12:30-1 to assure you get served. Any indication of people wanting to attend would be helpful thanks :-))

This is an international gathering open to all people of all countries/nationalities sponsored by Antioch International Ministry.  AIM is Busans biggest International/English speaking Christian Church based in Suyoung:


This event is a no strings attached event and we want to be fully transparent. We are a bold, loving church and love the people of Busan.  The event and food/drink are free with no strings attached. We have very talented chefs/cooks on board so the food will be delicious.  

Nobody will be jumping on you to preach to you and we won’t all be in a circle singing 'kumbaya' so don’t worry. In no way are you compelled to stay for long or come to church or anything like that.  If you have any questions about our faith then of course we are happy to respectfully talk and it would be a pleasure.

There are many cults here in Korea and other countries who offer free Korean and English lessons and put on events where the main religious body is secretive so please be careful as they are very deceptive.

This event is to gather fellow international peoples of Busan and to serve them fine, authentic western food, drink and to have fun while doing so. We can also play some beach sports, have fune and hopefully have some good chats/banter and make friends.

Please join us and invite all your international friends to come along and share with us some fine food and friendship.

If you have any questions please post some replies or send me a message on here.

Thank you.

Directions: Map link below:

 Many easy ways to get to Songjeong Beach.  The nearest subway is Jangsan, there are many buses from this area to Songjeong Beach. Exit 10 from subway and take the 39, 40, 63 or 1001. Many of these buses and others run throughout the city if you don’t want to take the subway. The beach is a few minutes walk from the bus stop. 

Look for a large bunch of international people with a tent and BBQ’s talking, laughing and cooking :-)

Re: Would you like a FREE BBQ'd Burger & Root Beer at ...

Hi there,  thanks for the message. No empty promises. Root Beer shall be there along with other food and drink goodies.  This afterall is an International event and we would like the very best in international food, ideally food and drink that is very hard to get over here.

It will be a special event for sure so please come and bring your international friends.

See you there hoepfully.

Re: Would you like a FREE BBQ'd Burger & Root Beer at ...

Hello, Burgers were beautiful and the event wasa success. Thank you to all for serving and coming out.  This will be a bi maybe tri yearly event.

There was a typhoon on the way supposedly so the wind really kicked up a lot of sand so we could not gather much on the beach so we were just outside Uncle Surf shop. We had people going out to the beach and up and down the street helping people find their way.

God willing next years events will be closer to summer (so better weather/less wind) and maybe on Gwangali Beach and or Haeundae Beach with a large AIM tent for extra visability and shade etc.


I will keep upto date through this great website for all our up and coming events.

Thanks again to Koreabridge and everyone.

Any questions please send me a post or message.