Worst I Can Get in Chungnam-do?

Hello everybody. I'm an ESL teacher with a year of experience. I'm currently teaching in Warsaw, Poland. I've just been offered a job teaching at a public school in Chungnam-do. It's quite a nice contract and the offer is fairly generous, but there's a catch: they haven't mentioned where in Chungnam-do I'll be teaching.

I've done a bit of my own research and have read that Chungnam-do is a rural province and it's also one of the wealthiest in the country (this is good). Apperently it's also got some nice beaches (?).

I haven't accepted the contract yet and there is a chance I'll have to decide before I know where they'll place me. My intution tells me that I'll be fine and the worst case scenario is isolation in the boondocks.

I know lot's of positive things about Chungnam-do from visiting the official provincial website, now I want to know the dirt (if there is any).

Thanks for the info!


Remote is right, I don't know

Remote is right, I don't know where they get the wealth part from? It's rich in trees and rocks and mountains, that's about it.

Anyway....is this under the umbrella of EPIK? I'm assuming(ass out of you and me) it is.  They probably don't know themselves at this point. If I were them I would most likely be trying to fill positions that no-one wants first like; the sticks.

My friend I think for year one you should do yourself a favor and try a big city first. Request to them a metro of your choice; Seoul,Daejun,Inchon...there are others....personally I like the south(Busan,Mason,Ulsan), it's warmer. These settings are I think better for one to adjust to. I'm not saying the city mouse is better than the country mouse but I would country mouse it after you get sick of the city in say 2-3years.

If you want to discuss some concerns I have known of with the EPIK contract, things you might not think to ask but I certainly know about PM me or write here.

Also could you tell us

Also could you tell us exactly how generous an offer they are making you? With some figures people would be able to tell you if it really is a good offer or not. I agree with the above poster, that maybe a bigger city would be best for your first year. But maybe you are coming here purely for the money and if you are out in the stix you are going to save a hell of a lot more.