working while waiting for the F2 visa..

Guys, I would just like to know if anyone knows or had an experience working while waiting for their F2-1 visa?

I'm planning to end my contract with my employer next month because the place is quite far from my new place and had a new offer for another job. I heard that when you end your contract with a company sponsored visa, you can't work and just wait until you can get your F2-1 visa for you to legally work in the other company.

Re: working while waiting for the F2 visa..

It only takes like 2 weeks to process.  I wouldn't risk it.  Not that there's a huge probability that you'd get caught but why even take a chance when the wait isn't really that long? 

Just for a bit of information, you can get it even quicker if you tell them you'd rather pick it up and not have them mail it to you.

They usually give you a date when it will be ready if you choose this route.  I've had to apply for it three times due to leaving the country without getting a reentry permit and it's never taken more than two to three weeks to obtain.

Also, if you're going to be legally hired, the employer is going to ask for your degree and ID card.

Re: working while waiting for the F2 visa..

I'll definitely get it..  It's on the process now but they said it would take 6months the maximum.  I can't wait for 6months.. It's too long..  I guess this is what they mean in tightening the process.

The new employer knows my status and still wants me to work without proper documents.  They didn't need any of my documents as what they said and that was a bit odd for me, so I turned down the offer.  I'm just too scared to do things which are illegal coz the penalty fee are sky-high.