Working Sunday's in korea

Can anyone tell me, with any amount of certainty, that if someone is forced to work a Sunday (not mentioned in the contract) is one legally entitled to overtime pay at a specific rate?

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Obviously, if it's not in your contract then you can refuse it.
But, this is Korea, so if you refuse your employer, they will find a way to fire you.
For example, They'll say you're a bad teacher and have been warned on
several occations to change your habits, but didn't and is the reason you are being
let go.

Good Luck. See if you can't find another hagwon job.

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"But, this is Korea, so if you refuse your employer, they will find a way to fire you."


Oh right, I forgot that everywhere in the world employment regulations are followed rigidly, except in Korea of course.

I'm so tired of all you idiots whining everytime something bad happens, responding with the usual "that kind of shit happens because we're in Korea", as if shit didn't happen ANYWHERE ELSE on this planet.


Grow up you people

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you should feel blessed and fortunate that you or anyone you know closely has never experienced something negative in their workplace specifically because they are in korea.  you really are lucky.  in other words, no one is whining.  some things do happen because we are in korea.  just like some bad work related things happen in everyone's home countries.  to say that no crappy situations occur precisely because they occur in korea, well, i disagree with that idea.  it is great you are lucky and an employer has never screwed you.  congrats and i hope your record stays intact

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I'm sure there was at least some sort of clause regarding cooperation with the school.  OT should be stated.  If these Sunday hours exceed what your monthly classroom hours are supposed to be, according to your agreement, you are eligible for OT.  If they fall within those hours, you may be out of luck.  Unless there's a specific clause, stating no work on Sundays, I'm pretty sure you're obligated.

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Who is whining now wakjob? You are tired of whining idiots? Grow up you people? Quite the ignorant rant and not too helpful I am afraid. Sallso is looking for advice but only your post offers none. Well done!

Sallso, I have been 8 years and never have I heard of someone having to work sundays without getting extra pay. Who knows why they want you to work sundays but whatever the reason, if you do not want to work sundays-don't; regardless of what your contract says or does not say. If they fire you for refusing to work get a release letter and find another job. I think there are a couple around. It is up to you. Did you come over here to make 2g a month while working weekends? Do what makes you happy. Life is too short to live any other way. Good luck!