Why I do not like transient employment and privates

 My opinions on why:

  • legal employment should protect customers, kids from people like Mr. Swirls
  • registered employment can protect an employer from people like Mr. Swirls and other criminals
  • it can protect and give an employer piece of mind over the contract duration- notice requirements
  • the laws protect the majority of us who are legal employees from getting a bad reputation amongst the general population
  • registered employment should enhance continuity for the consumer by stabilty of employment- not hiring 5 teachers in a year
  • keep the standards via continuity 
  • give some piece of mind to the consumer's parents who worry over changes in teachers
  • unregistered employment reduces employment for locals staff- Koreans, and as hakwans close down
  • employment abuses- home hakwans use these (transient)teachers at a lower risk and cost which means the investment, quite substantial losses by hakwan owners eg can be $500,000 
  • loss- reduces opportunities for Hakwans to be successful and ultimately consumer confidence in the product as many close down
  • unreliability- patterns of employment caused by this and standards can mean that we loose our jobs in the long term
  • dumbing down- means the standards and requirements will mean new competition and less quality for the consumer
  • fewer jobs- the opportunity for qualified people who started in hakwans- cannot meet the requirements for School jobs and University- you can't get enough experience here in the long term
  • fewer tertiary jobs- in schools and Universities and as opportunities dry up overall
  • revenues-  are paid and taxes collected- fewer revenues collected, mean fewer jobs for all of us in Schools, etc
  • regulation of bad hakwans- if they don't care, if they think they can treat you badly as a transient, it can be infectious- the stiffy
  • rules and laws- to make sure people do not get stiffed, stuck here via stupidity or poor luck

If you are offended, English is now a luxury, a service Koreans might not think is essential in the long term. I feel like benefits are being stripped away, one by one and stealthily here. Ultimately, I think we are in danger of losing our livelihoods.