Why?!?!?! - Pet Adoption

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Why?!?!?! - Pet Adoption

Why is it that people are on this website trying to find a loving home for their pet? I guess a better question is WHY do people on a 1 year contract feel the need to get a pet they can only keep for a short while? Because they just had to have that cute, cuddly kitten? Because they didn't want to be lonely? Why?!?! It seems so utterly stupid that now you have to give your cat or dog away.

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Who are you to judge?
Who are you to judge?
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who are you to judge his judging?
who are you to judge his judging?
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I agree, its not really fair
I agree, its not really fair to the animals. Cats and dogs can become very attached to their owners and its not easy for them to have to leave after a short while and end up with someone else.
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I agree mostly, it's not very
I agree mostly, it's not very thoughtful to purchase a pet when you know you will have to find a home for it when you leave. I would love to have a pet to keep me company around the home, but it would do my head-in to have to leave it here when I complete my time in the trenches, not knowing whether 'Tom or Jerry' will be all right. That said, let's not forget some people find abandoned animals, or help others out by fostering pets, better not to judge until you know all the circumstances behind each advert.
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there are many ways to not be lonely...
a pet is a commitment no matter what part of the world you are in...if you have no intention of keeping the pet then don't buy it. My cat is my baby. I paid for her to come with me to Korea and i will pay for her to go whereever I go after Korea. I cannot imagine my life without my cat. Nor can I imagine how someone can part with their pet so casually. If you're lonely, pay someone to keep you company or buy a stuffed animal. Let the pets go to happy homes, to people that are committed to the ccare of it.
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And remember...
...that if you decide to get a pet and want to take it back home with you, traveling with one can be expensive/troublesome; especially if you'd like to visit some places on the way home! I agree with the original poster, it's pretty unfair to the animal and pretty selfish on your behalf if you plan to leave your pet behind. You could have a valid reason though, but it's always a good idea to plan accordingly.
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Pet Adoption Revisited

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Lee Bum Suk

I'd wait about an hour, there

I'd wait about an hour, there is always some English teacher here who has the mindset of a 2nd grader that wants you to take their dog off them because they didn't realize how much time pet ownership entails.

JG Korea

Mr.Bum whatever- I have read countless posts of yours and I hate to get entangled in your snarky warfare with the world, but.... rescue dogs need to be rescued from negligent pet shops as well as incompetent owners: korean and expatriots. Try to see the positive side of people and the world- you may find love happiness is all around. and if that doesn't stop your ranting take some wise words from my grandma: if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all! The world and I would appreciate it.


I've got words for people that abandon their pets; grow up.

Are you seriously defending people that take on a pet and then on a whim decide they can't handle it? I'm sure your grandma would have other words for these people. The comments below were moved from: 

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Re: Pet Adoption Revisited

I completely agree with you Mr "LBS" (great name btw, man that anti english guy is a bit mad), and I agree with the original poster...


I also found this perfect "a pet is a commitment no matter what part of the world you are in...if you have no intention of keeping the pet then don't buy it."


fact is a pet is a life, and it will be attatched and suffer from changing hands...me and my wife have two dogs here, they are family. If we ever relocate, they will come with us, cost or not.


Cant put it simpler than that..Its not judging, its condemning those who do it, sorry but its just sickening to see it happen so much. If your lonely get some friends, read a book, write, join a group, do something except bring a life in to amuse yourself.

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Re: Pet Adoption Revisited

Condem "to express an unfavorable or adverse judgment on; indicate strong disapproval of; censure"

Judge "to form an opinion or estimate"


Seems pretty similar....

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Re: Why?!?!?! - Pet Adoption

oy, once upon a time, i had korean girlfriend who missed her dog. as a way of trying to control the relationship, she got me a dog for my birthday, that was 1999. she used him as leverage against my insolent manish behaviour to her female bouts of whatchamacallit.

she left me, took my roommate to her bosom, and left me holding the dog. he's now 12 years old and still with me, in malaysia, after travelling back and forth from korea to canada numerous times. 

a pet is no different than a child. and look at the orphans of the world. taking on a pet is just as much responsibility. and if you leave after a short time in korea, leaving the pet behind. well, maturity prevents me from saying what i really think. SHAME ON YOU! as LBS says, grow up.

that said, when i first arrived in 1998, i considered getting something like a rabbit as a pet, with the intention of having it for a final meal after leaving one year later. needless to say that never happened, never got the rabbit, never ate it, got a dog though, and he's awesome. wouldn't have it any other way.



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Re: Why?!?!?! - Pet Adoption

I took in a pet from someone on here. She told me she was just looking after it for a friend-who never came back. So she was stuck with a pet she did not want. I took it in but it had so many problems-health and mental.

The cat was wild. It would attack everyone basically except me. It was weird. And by attack I mean stock, pounce and bite.It also had an intestinal problem. We took her to Leaders in Jangsan 3 times and they just kept putting a band-aid over the problem.  Finally, we took her elsewhere. She was very sick. We spent well over 1 000 000WON to try and make her better but no luck. We had to put her down. The money was on top of all the wall paper she tore up.

I loved her though. Very unique. Anyway, the point is you do not know why some people take in pets-like this woman-or the situation so you cannot judge but we as well, pets do become attached and can become mentally distraught if their situation keeps on changing so remember:

Having a pet is more than a year commitment.

Having a pet takes a lot of your time-walking, feeding, playing, cleaning...

And having a pet costs you more than you think. It is like a car-you never know what is going to be fixed.

So make informed decisions when thinking about taking on a pet. It is nice some want to save a street cat or dag ubt if that means it only has a home for a few months perhaps it is better off elsewhere. There was a litter of kittens born just outside my home but while they wer cute I did not adopt one. I gave them my old cat house where the mom and all 3 kittens slept as well as fed them. I sometimes jsut walk with cat food in my pocket (bag) and feed cats when I see them.  I also have cat food in my car. There is more than one way to show love for animals. Ther eis also the pet sanctuary here in Busan. They are always looking for people's help. Cheers!