Who Knows a Good Van-Taxi driver??

Hi, My wife and I are shipping out in about a week and we're going to need a van-taxi to move our luggage to the airport.  (Baekyeong Appartments to Gimhae) Does anyone have a phone number to a van-taxi driver who charges decent rates or by chance speaks English(not likely i know)?  Anything is helpful.  Thank you!


Re: Who Knows a Good Van-Taxi driver??

Yep, I've used the mini van taxis that serve many of the supermarkets several times for aiport trips and moving furniture. Company is called Zim Express 짐엑스. The card I have is a little bit old now, but the central contact number on it is 644 1717, there is also the indidiual taxi driver's number is 011 876 9983 although being a 011 number it may have changed.

Website confirms that original number as well. http://www.zimex.co.kr/

They do have a meter, but when my parents went to the airport I think he charged a fixed price. It was no more than 30 bucks though.