Where to get waxing for men in Busan?

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Where to get waxing for men in Busan?

I am wondering that if there is any WAXING place for men in around Busan??? You know like even if its not brazilian just upper body & chest area. I have been trying to search online but couldn't find anything. Even on Koreabridge there is just one post regarding waxing and that too is abou female waxing and not to mention look kinda really expensive.

If anyone knows or have experience of getting it done, kindly post it  along with the contact information. It would be great if its possible to give some idea about the rates as well.

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Re: Where to get waxing for men in Busan?

Well, a place called waxx me tried to become my friend on facebook the other day.

Apparently they speak English and are on the 7th floor of the Dong Il Suite building in Kyungdae.

The phone number on there page is 010 9616 8688

You could give them a try.

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Re: Where to get waxing for men in Busan?

As far as I know there are no waxing places in Busan that cater only to men, but there are waxing places who will wax men. They're not cheap.

A shop called Natinilux in Seomyeon (near Youngkwang Book store) does upper body waxing for about 100,000 won. Telephone (051) 807-9416 or 807- 9410.

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Re: Where to get waxing for men in Busan?

The above Waxxme and this other place bewitched are both places that I know both Korean and expat friends use. They both are English speaking so you no harm in asking. Facebook and website links.