Where to get ADERALL?

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Where to get ADERALL?

I'm looking to get some aderall or the Korean equivalent. Does anyone know where; the name of the Korean equivalent; or just a referral to a Korean Doctor you have gotten it from?

To those concerned:
I am not trying to obtain drugs or medications illegally.

Please just leave comments below or feel free to send me a personal message.

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Re: Where to get ADERALL?

Sorry to say it is very difficult to get.

Here's a quote I found....

"Adderall is not currently prescribed inside Korea, but other stimulant medications such as Ritalin are........amphetamine-based medications are banned in South Korea."

Also, be careful if you do take ADHD meds because when you get your drug test for your school, it comes up as a banned substance and your results will be positive for drugs. 


Hope this helps.



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Re: Where to get ADERALL?

ANY doctor should be able to proscribe something to help you with whatever it is you are suffering from(I say anything because you did not specify, not as a put-down). If the particular doctor does not know what to proscribe, they should be able to refer you to a specialist.

Don't be afraid of Korean doctors, they are generally well trained and very competent, ask A LOT OF QUESTIONS... this kinda lets them know you are very concerned about your well being(my exact rule in the U.S. or anywhere else)