Where to find laser hair removal in Busan?

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Where to find laser hair removal in Busan?

Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with laser hair removal in Busan?

Can anyone recommend a clinic that they have had a positive experience with?  I am looking for a place that does legs and that has an English-speaking doctor or staff.

Thanks for any help!

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I had this done on my legs at

I had this done on my legs at ABC clinic in Seomyeon. It cost 1.4 mill for my lower legs (knees down) and inner thighs (inside and back) for 5 treatments. Not a whole lot cheaper than at home, but enough to make it worth doing here. And the results are great! :) Here is there website: 


If you call and ask if they speak English, they'll take down your number and call you back. Ms. Yoon will probably call you - she's super nice and friendly. Both her and the doctor speak good enough English to answer any of your questions.


Hope that helped!


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Wanna get bald?

 There has to be someplace cheaper!!

I've heard of that ABC place too...looks nice but EXPENCE!

I found this place...


BUT. It's in Daejeon. There has to be somewhere around here that has similar prices!

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laser hair removal

Most of dermatologist or plastic surgery hospitals

remove body hair by laser.

Usually hospitals near Lotte department in Seomyoen are famouse for that. I recommend you choose famouse hospital which has many experience.  I'm not sure they can speak or not though.

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Re: Where to find laser hair removal in Busan?

I recently buy a laser hair removeron www.epilanet.com, i definitively remove the hair from my legs in 4 sessions of 30 minutes.
The laser hair remover was delivered with an explanatory DVD in English, which helped me during the sessions.
If i had to see a specialist for definitive hair remover it will cost approximately 1 500 000 won so I made a really gold mine.
You should have a look on the website