Where to buy yarn in Busan

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Where to buy yarn in Busan

Where can I purchase yarn and knitting needles in Busan? I checked alpha in KSU and they did not have.

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Re: Where to buy yarn in Busan

Only just saw this post, I'm hoping the original query wasn't in relation to a Halloween costume!

For anything fabric related you want to head down to Busanjin Market a massive sprawling 3 story building that is, quite frankly, quite amazing. Bottom floor is all fabrics and accessories, 2nd and 3rd are mainly clothes. 

There are numerous knitting shops in the complex and if you have a couple of hours to spare you would probably find them, but for the purpose of this post I will give you directions to the easiest one to find because it's located on the street outside the building. 

Although it's name is "Busanjin" it's not located at Busanjin station but close to Beomil Subway on line 1. If you are getting a taxi just tell them 부산진시장 (Busanjin Shi Jang) or just the local "Jin Shi Jang" will get you there. If taking the subway you want to take exit one out of Beomil station and head away from Seomyeon. You can't miss the place. There are an abundance of Hanbok shops surrounding it. Street view here http://me2.do/5DLx4kFQ

Facing the market from the main road you want to find the street on the far left of the market and head down there. 

This street here http://me2.do/xQ6pEe9MM

And from the map view the street closest to the "F" market. The shop is attached to market on your right. Unfortunately I can't show the view of the exact shop because somebody parket a van in front of it the day the pics were taken! http://me2.do/xXp20whW