Where to buy wax for at home use in Busan?

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Where to buy wax for at home use in Busan?

Does anyone know where I can buy wax for at-home use in Busan?  I thought they would carry it in pharmacies, large grocery stores, etc., but I've yet to see it here.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or has seen this produce anywhere, please let me know!

Much appreciated!

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i know  they sell the wax

i know  they sell the wax strips at "olive young" branches

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buy wax in those random beauty shops

 i believe the brand name is VEET for the home waxing.  i have bought it (for my wife) in a couple different of those random beauty supply shops you see everywhere.  i say random because some are chains and some are just shops that have make-up, shampoo, cotton pads, tissues, you know, the whole bit.  even been into a few that sell cigarettes, but what is new.  VEET comes in a couple of colors if i remember.  it has been a while since i purchased it.  i also do not remember how well it works.  they may have it at the major marts, but i am not sure.  hope this helps.  the world is a hairy place