Where and how to collect your PENSION MONEY!


Just wondering if anyway can give me advice on how to collect my pension money that I have waiting for me. My boss cant really speak any english and is to busy to help, so need some advice. Also I heard there is an office near Kungsung you can go? that would be close since I live in Seomyeon. Anyway thanks for the help!

Re: Where and how to collect your PENSION MONEY!

the office is next to ksu. the exit number eludes me at the moment, if you were to walk from ksu in the direction of haeundae, its on your left, bunch of coffee sops on the ground floor. just look for the building with NPS.

what you need? if you are leaving, they need proof,an airline ticket. your passport/arc and a bank account to deposit in. the transfer could be 1-2 months. a quicker way would be if you have the money deposited in your korean account, you still have to leave, but the process is quicker. i did it last year, at the end of june, and by the end of the weekend, it was in the bank. if you are staying thats a good option, if you are leaving obviously get the air ticket, and foreign bank info and do that.