What qualities do Korean parents look for when selecting TEFL teachers

I have never taught in Korea (yet) but I will be there later this year to teach a summer school program for kids of Corporate executives and have a question for you guys...

What are the most important things Korean parents look for in a TEFL teacher. Can you put the following in order of priority for me from 1 to 10?

Academic Credentials



Country of Origin

Comic Skills

Curriculum & Teaching Methods

Teaching Resume

Bi-Lingual Ability

Likability by their kids

Fun Factor of Class

I ask because I taught in these countries below and each has strange quirks...

Parents in China care more about their kids having fun in class and coming home happy that how much their children learn in class. They also care about where the teacher was born and raised and prefer blond-haired - blue eyed teachers! Their kids must love the teacher after a demo class.

Parents in Taiwan and Hong Kong care most about the academic credentials of the teachers and where they taught before and for how long. They like to see the name of prestigious schools of the teachers and former employers. They even ask about the curriculum and teaching in methods.

In Japan the parents seem focused on what their kids will learn and how long it will take them and at what cost, and do not seem to care whether their children like the teacher or not - so long as they are getting a good deal. For some reason they do not like fat or chubby teachers.

So what's different about teaching in Korea?  감사합니다