What do you do about taxi drivers?

Nov. 9: A court in South Korea has ruled in favor of allowing taxi drivers to watch television while driving, despite research that proves how dangerous this can be.www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/33807694#33807694

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i bought a car. i think its absurd that its been legally allowed. its the most preposterous, inane, and just blooddy f$%*&#% stupid.

hence one of the many reasons i decided to buy a car.

i'm a bit taking the piss, but if you want to add to the research, get yourself some hidden cam get up and take action. document their recklessness and rally to have it abolished.


and don't forget to wear your seat belt.(taking the piss again) it is a ludicrous notion this driving and watching tv crap!


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I'm not sure of the truth behind this but I heard rumors that a few years ago it was decided that since koreans have a right to drink and taxi drivers work long hours they had permission to drink (responsible amounts) and drive. Craziness.

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This MSNBC news report is from 2009, don't know why such an old thread was revived.

I tried searching on Naver for some Korean news that would talk about such a ruling, but anything that came up was from the year 2009, and as of November 2011 I believe it has been made illegal to watch TV while driving in Seoul, not totally sure though (different cities might have different laws in this regard). I might be wrong but from what I understood the taxi driver got fined for watching TV but that was during a time when there were no laws against such a practice, and that is why the Taxi driver or the company itself sued the city. By searching on google "taxi driver TV", any news headline also came from 2009.

Do you have perhaps any recent news headlines relating to this issue?

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Have not ridden in a taxi much lately, has anybody been in a taxi when the driver was watching TV?

I have not. Just wondering if this is something that anybody has personally experienced?