What are the options to get a Bachelor in Education while in Seoul

Hi, I have been teaching in Seoul for a few years now and I am considering staying here for a while. I have a Bachelor at the moment and I am starting to feel the need to upgrade to a Bachelor of Education. A lot of my colleagues already have one and I would like the pay increase that comes with it as well as make my teaching job into more of a long term career. 

I have heard a lot about online degrees and some offer the possibility of doing online. Does anyone have any experience with that sort of thing? It sounds attractive because I could stay in Korea and do what I enjoy doing the most - Teaching my class!



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Not a Bachelors of Ed but a Masters of Ed that included the option to get licensed.  

Montana State NPTT - http://www.montana.edu/nptt/

I think there is something similar from the University of California as well but more expensive if you're not from California.

I am currently in the NPTT program and nearly finished.  Good program, work intensive but I learned a lot.  Write to them and they can let you know the details.

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Hi, thanks for the information. Had a look at it and the only problem for me is the teachable requirements. The cost is quite attractive I must admit. 

One of my friends talk to me about the University of Maine at Presque Isle online degree. I could get my Bachelor in Education in 12 months about and they only require a Bachelor degree (any field). the other really cool thing is that they consider your teaching job as your practicum. That sounds pretty cool. www.umpi-eaop.com and there is a link to the home website too. 

How long did will it take you in total? are you teaching in Seoul too?

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I have had to make up the teachables but have been able to do that through distance ed this past year.  It's diff req's for elem so I needed my teachables for my subject area.  I live and work in Busan, not Seoul.  Interesting difference in the Montana program and the UMPI one is the practicum.  The UMPI one seems to say it's ok to work at any school, not a US-accredited school. First program I have seen online that doesn't have this requirement

Thanks for the info about the UMPI degree - hadn't heard of that before.  One downside of a BEd v. MEd is that you will get paid less with a BEd.  If you're going to spend the money might as well go for the MEd.  It took me about 18 months for certification in Montana and another 8 months to finish the Masters.

Go with what whatever fits your budget and timeline.  

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Hi there, thanks for your advice. Being that I am Canadian and teach in a Canadian Accredited school I guess that won't be too easy. UMPI people said that I could get teaching license in US and then get it for Canada. I suppose that would be useful when I go back home. I need to check what the pay difference is too, it could be worth it. 


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Ah I think if you're working at a Canadian accredited school then I think you'll be fine.  Ask at NPTT - they are super helpful and get back to you right away.

I'm Canadian as well and will try to get my Montana license approved in Canada this summer.  If NS and NB approve the UMPI one then there is no reason they would reject the NPTT one.  If they do balk I will point to the UMPI program and then get the NPTT one approved.

The Masters can start you off at a higher starting salary back in Canada and internationally.  If you decide to stay and work at a university in Korea, jobs will be easier to come by and pay higher.  The NPTT one is cheaper than the UMPI one but takes longer.  I enjoyed the NPTT prog, learned a lot and get no money if anyone goes there on my rec ;)    

Let me know what you decide and I will post back about the approval of the Montana license in Canada when I find out


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Hi- So I got in touch with Uni of Montana- and they informed me that I would need to get my Praxis before I get my degree, which means I will have to go back to America and interupt my teaching... that sucks!  And the school has to be US-Accredited which means that non-US schools don't work and neither do Hogwans :( 

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Interesting, as I didn't have to write the Praxis to get certified.  I was told it was only if you are going to teach in the US.  FYI - you can do the Praxis outside the US - there is a test center in Fukuoka, Japan and Bejing - http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/PRAXIS/lists/praxis_tc_intl.html

True about US schools and hogwans.  I don't see why a Canadian school would make any difference but that's the way it goes.  At least you still have an option with that undergrad one.  

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Hi Adam, you get a bachelor of Arts in Education or a Bachelor of Science in Education. From the info I got from the University of Maine at Presque Isle, their bachelors are accredited in all USA and Canada... and you get your practicum credits from your teaching job in Seoul. So for me, I can just stay here study after work and get my degree ASAP! I checked it out with the Uni you can work in any school in Korea - International or not and Hogwans too. It is a bit more expensive than the some other programs but you aren't required to travel back to the Canada or elsewhere, and you keep your job here. 

I will meet them in MArch so I will keep you all posted on the details. 



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Mike, thanks for that. Sounds like you folks have done your research for us. 

How do you get in contact with the University? and sorry to ask again but how did you hear from them? i want to meet someone as well. Can you help with that?


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Lol- we looked around a bit. We heard about UMPI through my girldfriends colleague. She studied at the campus in Presque Isle and she heard through the Alumni news that they had started a new program that allowed you to get a B'Ed online with a Practicum. 

there is a Representative in Seoul, I ll dig up his card when I get home from work


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Hi Mike. Sorry to bother you. Can you give me the contact of the UMPI representative in Seoul? 

I have been looking around and I did the maths. If I get the Online B'Ed from UMPI at 25k USD, which is the most expensive, at the end, it still makes perfect sense because I will keep my job, get my bonus at the end of the year, move up on the salary grid at school, save on flight tickets and cost of living in US/Canada and I will get a salary increase because of my degree. All that in 12 months.

The other ones seem to cost 10-15k USD for equivalent programs but you are required to travel back to north america and they take longer to complete by 6months. 

Anyway, I really think it's time for me to meet the guy so I would appreciate your help.

Thanks. Adam


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Adam, sorry I didn't get back to you. I will PM you the details. It's a good way of seeing it. Esp. most of the other Universities have hidden costs. The one I contacted, wanted me to take extra courses because I needed to have some teachables... in the end the price is pretty much the same anywhere. UMPI are different because of the teachable requirements, the practicum can be carried out in any school in Korea and you are over and done in 12months!!!

We're seriously going to do it. Are you teaching in Seoul too? too cold to go out and see the guy at the moment!!!!


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The UMPI program looks interesting and I'm considering applying. It would be perfect if this were a Master's degree. To be honest, I'm not sure if a B.Ed would look all that impressive to Korean employers. Many higher paying job listings ask for a Master's. Still, a B.Ed would be beneficial for me anyway if I want to teach back in the States. 

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Hi Everyone. Online courses seems to be the answer. 

I would like some advice from some of you. I have only been in Seoul for 1yr and half and teach in an international school. I have a BA like most of you but I want to get a B'Ed. Can somebody tell me, which Online program is the best and what the differences are? 

Thanks and have a good week! 

Brenda H. 

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Dear Brenda,

Their are various programs available to complete a Bachelor of Education 
degree however "sifting " through them is quite onerous. I have been hiring teachers in Korea, Japan and Thailand for almost 9years now and I have an opinion on that matter. 
Options are;
1) Returning to U.S./Canada and completing a Bachelor of Education Degree-This will take one-two years depending on the University program.This is the most expensive option in both time and money.Although actual tuitions may be less the travel costs to and from Korea-the living costs in your home country-the loss of income for the total time period.
You will get a high quality degree but at a substantive total cost.
2) Registering for an on-line B.Ed-this is the least effective option because, even if the program is very good, the Degree certificate will have the statement that it is an on-line degree-and very few countries/jurisdictions will accept that degree.
3) Masters in Education-the title-Masters-is good to have but many countries will not recognize it for teacher licensing if you do not have a "Practicum Credit" component.
4) The Montana program looks quite good and tuition wise is cost effective however it lacks the evaluated Practicum component which is critcal. Also-you must be teaching in a schools that use U.S. curriculum which really limits your employment options. www.montana.edu 
5) The UMPI program is a fully recognized B.Ed anywhere in the world.The Practicum credit program is actually done by a qualified evaluator located in Seoul.The cost of tuition seems high but when you consider that you can maintain uninterrupted employment income, housing is provided by your employer and that no travel costs are incurred the net cost is less than others. www.umpi-eaop.com 
Overall the critical issue about the Bachelor of Education Degree is that it is universally recognized and, to be that, it must include a recognized, properly evaluated, Practicum Credit component. 
The Ciritical issue about costs are net costs.
In Canada or U.S.-your cost is tuition plus housing/living costs plus travel+(lack of employment income)
In Asia the best option is to find a quality program equal to having attended it in Canada/U.S. while staying in your teaching position and earning your full income.
I hope this helps. 

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Interesting replies Patrick, though I feel the need to defend my Montana State certification ;)

Through the NPTT program you get a teaching credential in Montana.  There is an evaluated practicum component which is completed by your principal (assuming they are also certified teachers, and they likely are).  I agree it's not the same as in-country job shadowing you might do in Canada or the US but it is just as valid.  The internship in NPTT is a full year before you move from a provisional license to a full license in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  The program is approved by NCATE I believe, which helps transferrability.

The UMPI one says you're evaluated by a qualified evaluator but you can work at a school that doesn't hold one up to the same standards as a US accredited international school.  I don't quite understand how that program works.  The fact one doesn't have to work at a school while getting qualification to work at a school seems very strange to me, even with a qualified observer.  I do however understand the difficulty in finding such work overseas and people who oversee the program must testify to its rigor to produce good teachers.  A great alternative for people living and working abroad.

One major difference is the starting pay - with a MEd you will start at a higher salary than with an BEd.  Patrick, you are right about being able to continue to work while getting qualified - a key to maintaining financial health while training.  Good luck Brenda.

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I've been researching a lot of online education degrees that won't require moving to the US to complete student teaching, but there aren't that many options.

The thing I like about UMPI's program is that I can stay in Korea and it's just really convenient, but I just wish it were a Master's. Their tuition is about $25,000. It's not that bad considering everything... But UMPI's program would be absolutely perfect if only it were a Master's.

I just found out about Grand Canyon University, which offers a M.Ed for about the same price. Their courses require field experiences, but I was told that you can do it in Korea. I was also told that the student teaching course MAY be done in Korea, but it would have to be in an international school. I'm not sure how strong GCU's connections are with Korean international schools. I've asked, but they were't very assuring. 

The University of Southern California (USC) offers a MAT, but their courses require field experiences from regular American K-12 schools. Student teaching also has to be done at an American school, so I'd have to have connections with an international school. Also, the program costs $50,000. Really pricey.

One thing I'm confused about is how some of you here have jobs with international schools. Don't they require teaching licenses?

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Hi Moksori, my girlfriend and I are filling out the forms for UMPI- EAOP program. We will be starting in September. We were asked if we needed them to find a practicum in Korea or if we needed assistance with job seeking. We already have jobs so we said no. We know that they accept all nationalities (even non native speakers can join provided they do an english proficiency test). Seems that we made the right choice and in terms of cost, it's middle range.


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hey there!

I am currently completing online courses here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and am heading to Seoul in about a month. I would like to continue my online courses over the year so that I can have it completed by the time I return home however the program requires that I complete my final exams supervised by a proctor.

Some of you have mentioned Online Courses in this thread, have any of you encountered this? If so, is there an ideal location (a particular campus for example) that could accomodate this in or near Seoul?

Signing a proctor up is quite simple, however im not sure if the logistics (which are quite minimal here in Canada- different in a foreign country!) of it may be too challenging..

any help or advice would be greatly apreciated :)

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Hi Celynne,

It is quite common to use proctors when a student is overseas and the formalities are usually quite simple. Your university should provide you with the criteria and contact your proposed proctor once you have determined one. I will contact you by Private message and give you some contact information of suitable proctors in Seoul. 

Since this forum is about Online Bachelor degrees in Education, would you mind sharing your experience. so far, we have encountered M'ed programs from Montana, Grand Canyon as well as the UMPI EAOP which seems to be our preferred one. 

Best Regards,