Wedding Videograher and/or Phorographer Needed (Seoul)

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Wedding Videograher and/or Phorographer Needed (Seoul)

I am currently searching for a potential hire for my upcoming wedding in Korea this December. I'm an American living and teaching in Seoul, and my fiancé is ethnically Korean, but raised internationally. We met in the states ad began dating about 4 years ago. Our wedding is December 29th, 2012.

Obviously, a lot of our friends and family are abroad and won't be able to attend our wedding, we are looking to hire someone who is professional and passionate about videography as we will be hosting a reception in the states the following summer in which we will be displaying our video and photographs.

If you're at all interested or have questions, please feel free to shoot me back an email and I'll give you more details about what we are looking for. Please email me at [email protected]


Thanks so much!